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Englands First Vitovalor installation

09/08/2018 12:25:00

Vitovalor Installer

Chris Leyne is a homeowner in Dorking Surrey, he owns a three bedroom home with one shower room.  His house is set in a large plot with well-placed flowers fed by an electrically powered irrigation system.  From a casual glance, Chris is an average middle-aged guy in an average 1930's house.


Once you step into the house you realise that not everything is as you would assume, the 1980's décor fools you, it seems like any other house.  Then you notice the robot mower for instance, you notice the professional quality coffee machine and the multitude of hand built pc's .


This is no normal house.  This is the house of a mad professor.



Well maybe not mad but Chris is passionate about technology and innovation.  During our first meeting Chris spoke at length about building electronics as a kid and finding a career that allowed him to satiate his interests.  He has worked within specialist controls and process engineering for the MOD which gave him an insight into many things, including large scale combined heat and power.


We spoke about the long term benefits of generating energy on site and about the financial incentives that enable a large scale project like this.  VitoEnergy produced payback terms based on Viessmann calculations to estimate the real world return on investment.  We calculated that compared to his current condensing Worcester boiler he would break even within seven years and continue to pay for the itself before the end of the ten year warranty.


We had some issues with this installation in regards to the installation site, there was nowhere on the ground floor that could accommodate the unit without significant modification.  A survey of the first floor showed that although tricky would allow the space for the unit and supply pipe-work.


The Vitovalor was delivered on Monday 16th July in a combined weight of 385kg, a daunting volume of equipment.  We took delivery and stored it in the garage while we were preparing the frame upstairs.  To say we overengineered the base and case is fair, it has multiple supports spanning three load bearing walls with noggins and out riggers .  It's now carrying half a tonne of full weight and had five engineers standing around it on the commissioning date.


On the 28th July the unit was fully commissioned, the fuel cell within 24 hours had fully loaded the buffer and generated 3.5kwh of electricity.  Most of this had been exported as the homeowner Chris was away at the time.  The real time production was 740wh on last examination, so without a lolong stabilisation it is producing at the top end of capability.


Chris now has a boiler and fuel cell combination that provides 100% of the hot water requirements, full weather compensated heating and to top it off free electricity.


The Vitovalor is the most complete solution to home energy available today.

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