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Vitovalor Intsallation Farnham

30/09/2018 14:25:38

This typical family live in a seemingly ordinary street at the top of a hill in Farnham; surrounded by 1920's semi-detached houses and framed with established English oak and fir trees they have created a lovely home.


The real gem of the home is their timber built barn conversion, started 2016 and recently completed, the project gives more accommodation to their 4-bed house but has also increased their energy demands.


  They approached VitoEnergy in summer 2018 for a solution to their heating and hot water requirements that would match the sympathetic approach their building had achieved. Coming from a floor standing and cast iron boiler we knew that most replacement systems would save them money and reduce the emissions.


We looked at air source heat pumps, solar and standard condensing boilers but one option clearly stood out - the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vitvalor by Viessmann.


With a family of three (plus guests) their hot water requirements would mean that an air source heat pump would use too much power and struggle to keep up when they have guests.  Solar PV doesn't meet heating demands and a boring basic boiler doesn't cut the mustard for a special house like this.


The Vitovalor perfectly balances comfort, cost and carbon emissions.  As the Vitovalor runs on refined Hydrogen the only waste products from the cell are water vapour, this meets the "carbon" requirement.  At times of absolute peak requirement (like the depths of winter and multiple showers being on), the gas boiler will cut in to ensure the "comfort" level never drops.  To top all of this off the government grants and guaranteed incentives make the Vitovalor cost the cheapest in its class over the lifetime.  One initial installation cost gives you a home energy unit that provides all the heat, hot water and electricity a home needs and pays you while it does it, thus meeting the "cost" requirement.


The customers are so happy with the installation by VitoEnergy that when another client called in to look at the Vitovalor they thought we'd given them a script to talk about it!  Their electric bills have reduced from £200 pm to £80 pm and comfort vastly improved thanks to the weather compensated control strategy. The upgrade looks to pay its self of within 4 years and the entire installation within the 10-year parts and labour warranty!


Contact us today for your 10-year forecast on energy savings with a Vitovalor unit in your home.

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